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As of January 1, 2020 the Organization is in Phase I.

Phase I - The first $200,000 of Donations and Annual Portal Fees collected during this phase shall be utilized to develop the first Electronic Opinions Portal that will represent the Registered Citizens of the State of Florida.

          * All Registered Voters that support our Mission and send their 2020 Annual Portal Fee 
             to the Organization's address listed below shall be recorded in our Database with an 
             inactive Portal Account. 

          * Upon completion of the Florida Portal, (Approximately 90 days) after the
             Organization receives a total of over $200,000 
in Portal Fees &/or Donations,
             these pre-paid inactive Portal Accounts shall be activated for 
use by each of the
             Registered Voters that have paid their 2020 Annual Portal Fee in advance of the
             Portal's completion, and shall be active for 1 full year from the date of Activation. 

          * All Florida Registered Citizens that submit their 2020 $2 Annual Portal Fee
             AFTER the Portal is completed, their Portal Accounts will be set-up and activated
             immediately, for use for 1 full year from the date of Activation.

The WTP Organization shall list the Florida Legislation that is proposed in the State Legislature so that Portal Account Users may view the Legislation, view the Pro & Con information, and indicate to their State Representative how they wish for him/her to Vote on the Legislation.

The Legislation proposed for Congress shall also be listed for Users to indicate to their U.S. Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators how they wish for them to Vote on the Congressional Legislation.

Phase II - With the Florida Portal completed, a separate Portal for each of the 50 States and the District of Columbia shall be developed, and each of those Portals shall be activated also. 

(You MUST have an individual personalized email address listed on your Portal Account that will allow the Portal Administrators to communicate directly with you regarding your Portal Account.)

(Your information will only be utilized for the internal purposes of the WTP Organization, and is the preferred vehicle for ensuring Administrators are sending & receiving pertinent information for your account to you ONLY. Your information shall not be utilized for mailing lists or other purposes by the WTP Organization other than for our contact with each of the Portal Account Owners.)

Your Voter Registration information and a $2 Annual Opinions Portal Fee for each Voter Registration Card you possess will validate each of your Portal Accounts active & accessible for 1 full year from the date of Activation. (Multiple Cards require a $2 annual Portal Fee each) 

(If you have a Voter Registration Card for more than one State, supply the above information on each of them. You will be granted a Portal Account for each of the Voter Registrations that you hold, regardless of how many States you are registered in. The Portal is not a Voting System to replace the current Voting Procedures; the Portal is a System that allows for you to communicate to your State & Federal Representatives what your Opinions are regarding the Legislation your Representative is required to Vote on in Session, which should be a representation of the Opinions & Interests of each of their Constituents within their Districts.)   


  1. Encourage Each of your Family Members to visit our website and learn what WE can do together as an Assembly of Millions.
  2. Reach out to all of your Friends, Co-Workers, Church Members, Social Media Contacts with the same Encouragement.
  3. Encourage Each of them to Reach Out and do the same with their Family members, Friends, and multiple Contact avenues. 


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